The 10 Most Beautiful Places In Ukraine Before War

Ukraine is a gorgeous country with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, glorious cathedrals, Orthodox churches, lush forested hills, culture, and more.
Vibrant cities, ancient castles, stunning countryside, diversity of landscapes, and a welcoming attitude all help make it a special destination, regardless of its troubles.
Most of this country is open for business. The prices here are extremely cheap.
Although it’s one of the biggest countries in Europe, Ukraine struggles to attract visitors.
The lack of mass tourism lends Ukraine a charm and authenticity often missing elsewhere.
Here are 10 beautiful cities that will make you fall in love with this eastern European country (before the war).

1. Lviv – The largest city in western Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities in the country.
2. Kyiv – The beautiful capital of Ukraine.
3. Odesa – A pretty port city on the Black Sea.
5. Kharkiv – The city is known for Freedom Square, which is one of Europe’s largest squares.
6. Chernivtsi – One of the hidden gems of Western Ukraine.
7. Poltava – A city steeped in military history due to a legendary battle in the 18th century between Sweden and Russia.
8. Vorokhta – An urban-type settlement and one of the best places to visit in Ukraine
9. Uzhhorod – Known for its cherry blossom festival.
10. Zhovkva – One of the most interesting small historical towns in Ukraine.

We send the best wishes to the innocent people in Ukraine, and hope that peace will return soon.

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