Japan – The 10 Best Places To Live & Work In 2021

Japan is a beautiful place, with a vibrant and rich culture. This country is known for its very low crime rates.
In the past, the Japanese job market was not known as being welcoming to foreigners.
Nowadays, due to a declining population and a rise in international companies, expats are finding more opportunities to work in the island nation with less stringent requirements.
Expats can feel overwhelmed with the list of dos and don’ts. Luckily, Japanese society is very welcoming of foreigners.
The Japanese are very polite, sometimes leading to indirect and convoluted ways of dealing with issues due to fears of offending people.
Overall, it just takes an open mind and patience to learn about Japanese culture.

There are many customs and traditions to be aware of when living in Japan. Japanese culture dictates waiting in line, and expats will rarely hear a car honk, even in the middle of Tokyo.
Japan’s healthcare system is universal and one of the best in the world. Hospitals are equipped with advanced, modern technology, and doctors and nurses are highly trained.
While it’s quite difficult to find legal paths to moving and settling in Japan permanently, there are many ways and schemes that enable you to experience life in Japan for a shorter period of time.
The most famous is the JET program and if you are planning to teach in Japan or will be based there for any other reason.
Whether you’re looking to move or already live here, these are the ten best places in Japan to work, visit and live in.

1. Tokyo. (safe, many jobs)
2. Kyoto. (cheap, safe)
3. Hiroshima. (overall)
4. Okinawa. (overall)
5. Osaka. (cheap, jobs)
6. Yokohama. (overall)
7. Sendai. (jobs)
8. Fukuoka. (overall)
9. Kobe. (jobs)
10. Sapporo. (cheap, jobs)

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